Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bounce House!

Set up bounce houses for young professionals that have small kids

Community farming

Community farming

Local Artist Auction

Sponsor a local artist auction.

Community service festival

Community service festival

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House

Bars Open Later

Last call at 12:30? C'mon people!

Live Music at the Pier

Live music at the pier – charge more money and have vendors sell food.


Flyover at US1 and 312

Bridge from Vilano to Anastasia Island

Over the inlet!


Waterpark (i.e., aquatica)

Recreation Sports

Local recreational sports teams i.e., paintball, kickball, bowling


Dance instruction/classes

Wow, Check this one out!

Graffiti all over the new bridge of lions- straight up gang signs!

City-wide WIFI

always connected in the oldest city!

Hybrid buses and trolleys

Re-route driving north of town and transport workers and tourists into town using hybrid buses and trolleys

Staffing Service

Staffing service for the dog park, the farmer’s market, expand community volunteerism.

Artificial Reef

Artificial surf reefs for coastal protection – no more dredging/filling

Hurricane Protection Plan

Improve retention wall downtown. Improve drainage.


Wave/tidal based local power generation or wind/marginal solar

Lion Sculptures around the city/county

Local art classes could have competitions to design them.

Littering Awareness

No more cigarette butts out of cans.

Public Recycling

Place bins conveniently around the city beside trashcans.

Recycle Awareness

Drive around on collection day and take note of households who don’t have bins and distribute them.

Water Taxi

See the beautiful shores of our city's waterways and get where you need to go at the same time!