Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Children's Museum

Launch a St. Augustine children’s museum highlighting the history of the area.

Ultimate Frisbee!

Develop an ultimate Frisbee course!

Dog Park

Create a dog park in a centralized location.

Sustainable Business Incentives

Develop sustainable incentives for downtown businesses.

Downtown Drainage and Paving

Assess the drainage and paving needs in the downtown area and improve as needed.

Brick Sales on new Bridge of Lions

Betty Crosby's idea:

Organize brick sales/dedications for the renovated Bridge of Lions.

Fuel-Efficient Buses

Create fuel-efficient public bus system that runs throughout the city.

LED street lights

Convert street lighting to LED bulbs.

Recycling Awareness

Increase recycling awareness and participation city-wide.

City Holiday

Invoke a St. Augustine holiday celebrating the nation’s oldest city.

Civil Rights

Determine a method for publicly displaying civil rights as they relate to the history of the city.

The Homeless

Generate strategies for effectively addressing the substantial homeless population within the city.

Give jobs to homeless like cleaning up trash.

Wall Mural

Rally local artists, organizations, and volunteers to collectively create a community wall mural.

Farmer's Market

Organize a weekly Farmers Market between the Visitors Center and parking garage.

San Sebastian Entrance

Create an entrance corridor over the San Sebastian arch.

Lincolnville Park/Playground

Purchase a vacant lot in Lincolnville and develop land into a park/playground to build a sense of community within the neighborhood and invite new visitors to the area.

Hardees Property

Transform Hardees property into an attractive intersection and entrance to the city.

Youth Fitness

Develop an after school fitness program for underserved youth.

Street Performers

Re-examine ordinance restricting street performers on St. George Street.

Pedestrian Traffic

Limit area between Cordova and Menendez to pedestrian traffic.

Tour Guide Certification

Require the completion of a course in Saint Augustine history of all city tour guides. I swear they're making half of that stuff up!

Entrance Signs

Improve the landscaping around and appearance to entrance signs welcoming visitors to Saint Augustine.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Active Young Professionals

My friend Lauren Titus' idea:

One thing this town needs is more publicity about the young professionals who are becoming active in the community. This is a very encouraging sign and we should be hearing more about positive news these days. Also, seeing that there is a thriving professional circle in St. Augustine does much to encourage other young people who are just starting out to stick around and participate in the town, the area...

Monday, March 9, 2009

What it is and Five Starter Ideas

450 Next is a commitment to comprehensive community change in Greater St. Augustine through sustainable projects, with the involvement and for the enduring benefit of its citizens.

Some ideas are:
1. Develop a staffing service to manage and expand volunteerism community-wide
2. Create a historic trail to deepen the awareness and appreciation of our nation's oldest city through walking tours of various lengths and styles
3. Commission local artists and organizations to craft artwork (i.e., lighthouses or lions) for public display and auction off the pieces for selected charities
4. Launch city-wide wireless network
5. Boost tourism through monorail system that exits at various points of interest

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The path that got us where we are

My friend Michelle Robideaux Pent's idea:

When I was growing up in St. Augustine back in the sixties...San Marco was where it was happening (bakeries, resturants, tourist attractions... traffic came from the North to St. Augustine down San Marco... around the fort and down King street or over the Lions Bridge. It was simple...South Dixie Hwy picked up from King and continued South. I would love to see many of the vacant buildings on the old route before ( U.S.I. or Ponce blvd.) came in "realized" as wonderful veues once again...It could be called "The path that got us where we are"...

March 4th meeting

The March 4th meeting was productive. We decided a blog would be the best way to communicate our progress and ideas. Feel free to join in on the conversation!