Monday, March 9, 2009

What it is and Five Starter Ideas

450 Next is a commitment to comprehensive community change in Greater St. Augustine through sustainable projects, with the involvement and for the enduring benefit of its citizens.

Some ideas are:
1. Develop a staffing service to manage and expand volunteerism community-wide
2. Create a historic trail to deepen the awareness and appreciation of our nation's oldest city through walking tours of various lengths and styles
3. Commission local artists and organizations to craft artwork (i.e., lighthouses or lions) for public display and auction off the pieces for selected charities
4. Launch city-wide wireless network
5. Boost tourism through monorail system that exits at various points of interest


  1. Create a public art presence with a large, outside, wall mural on the west side of US HWY 1 on King street to draw more attention to historic Lincolnville.

  2. Eliminate parking meters downtown, or at least reduce the fees.

    Bring back the street performers!

  3. Create special event parking area on the north end of San Marco to reduce the number of people driving into downtown. Use the trolleys to get people in and out of downtown. This would create foot traffic and give businesses a reason to re-develop that end of San Marco, the north entrance to the city. Paint some murals to liven up the old buildings down there.