Monday, September 27, 2010

Project #2

The 450 Next Committee has decided to tackle the lack of recycling awareness in the City and surrounding County. Only 43% of the city resident's recycle and we want to increase that percentage. Therefore, we are going to create, along with community children, recycling containers to be placed at four pilot parks (Upchurch, Davenport, Fullerwood and Lighthouse) to act as symbols for our awareness campaign. We have a lot of work to do to accomplish this goal so, any input is appreciated!


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  2. Getting the kids involved is brilliant. Also, consider Bird Island Park - the newest park project in the county behind the PV Library. Great work 450 - Next folks!!!

  3. When I go to friends' places that live in apartments they never seem to recycle...I wonder if there's a way to get apartments more on board with recycling?? I have worked with some school groups and had a recycling guy that is really interesting come in and talk/teach them about recycling, it was GREAT! Good luck! I wish I could attend your meetings but I work on Thursday nights!